20121230_142950Hi!  I’m Kimball Young.  Welcome to 1stgencollege.com, my website focusing on alternative public education and poverty.  Every day I work with teenagers and adults who were unsuccessful at traditional public high school.  They are hobbled by intergenerational poverty–its stresses and abuses.  They want to extricate themselves from their circumstances but are poorly equipped.  The adults, who are returning to high school, immigrants and refugees, are struggling in the minimum wage world and see education as the answer for a promising future.  I write about efforts at Horizonte Instruction and Training Center, Salt Lake City School District’s alternative high school and adult education provider.  I post Tuesdays and Thursdays about our Horizonte progress, observations about public education and intergenerational poverty, nascent upward mobility and fulfillment of the American dream. I also seek funds for Horizonte scholarships to applied technical college, community college or public universities.  Many of those who return to, are directed to, or find Horizonte, not only earn their high school diploma but desire applied tech training or a college degree.  Scholarship funding is scarce.  These adults, who are financially assisted, show the most promise of any improvised individuals of ending their plight in the near future.  Please subscribe (on the right side of the site) so you’ll receive the chronicles/posts by email.   Thanks, I appreciate your support.