About Kimball Young

I was introduced to Horizonte a decade ago.  The Salt Lake City Rotary Club annually awards college scholarships to graduating seniors of all four city high schools.  As a Rotarian, I volunteered for the Horizonte selection.  Over the years I’ve interviewed I have been deeply impressed by these amazing, determined, resilient, mostly minority, young men and women, some new parents, who realize that college education or post high school training is the exit from intergenerational poverty and the door to their American Dream.20121230_142950

Cancer and work related set-backs altered my life.  As I recovered my health and discovered some new pursuits, I continued on my own, to raise scholarship funds for these worthy but needy Horizonte graduates.  My efforts have been a small compliment to the founding and sustaining generosity of Doctors Ric and Janet Harnsberger, retired Horizonte Principal James P. Andersen and his retired Salt Lake District administrator wife Shannon, their scholarship fund board,  and John H. Morgan, through his Sons of Utah Pioneers annual funding efforts.

Now, in my late 60s with cancer in remission and regained good health, I’ve got productive years ahead.   I invested the better part of the past three years in a Utah natural resource business only for it to yield indefinite delay. I want greater life’s purpose, and I want it now and continually.  My past efforts to raise scholarship money for Horizonte students have been richly rewarding and highly motivating.

These mostly minority students and their families are speedily becoming the American majority. They’re going to be paying our social security, assuredly for decades to come. We need to help them maximize their FICA contributions.

Secondly, education will break their chain of poverty.  They are first generation college students. Without education these students dream of, they are poverty bound.  No greater cause or campaign could I coordinate, build, and help perpetuate.   My life’s skills are uniquely situated to successfully assist.  My cumulative know-how and professional experience can help.   I invite your consideration and participation.