About Horizonte

Horizonte is the place of amazing new beginnings for thousands of youth and adults who see education as the exit from intergenerational poverty and the door to their American Dream. 100_0313

The alternative high school for Salt Lake City School District, Horizonte, with 700 plus students (2015-16) between grades 7-12, is also the provider of Adult Education for 2,000 plus, 18 and older individuals, seeking high school completion, their GED, reading, math, English literacy, and English as a Second Language advancement.

Intergenerational low-income students dropping out, for all the usual reasons, from the traditional high schools are referred or can request a referral to Horizonte.  Smaller classes, a school-fostered culture of ownership, freedom and accountability, and caring teacher-student relationships, result in Horizonte success.  Almost 200 high school graduates this year, earned nearly 100 college scholarships.

The Horizonte Adult Education program is the largest in Utah with almost a quarter of all enrollees.  This past year, 362 adult graduates, former drop outs, refugees and immigrants speaking 82 languages, went on to college or entered the labor force with more earning power.

Horizonte is an AdvancED (NWAC) accredited public high school and administers the same grade level testing as traditional high schools.  One of the first alternative high school recipients of the National School Improvement Grant, Horizonte, raised academic proficiency on average seven percent while testing 75 percent more students.

Sixty percent of the high school aged students are Hispanic, 23 percent are Caucasian,  and almost all youth are eligible for free or reduced fee lunch.  The adult enrollees are 78 percent ethnic minorities.