Applied Tech Certificates

Solution To Poverty


“Certificates bring 20 percent higher earnings on average than high school diplomas, and in some cases, even more than a bachelor’s degree.”                                                   –Utah Colleges of Applied Technology

The U.S. economy has added 11.6 million jobs since the Great Recession bottomed out and 11.5 million, or 99 percent of them, have gone to workers with at least some college education, according to a recent Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce study.  “Workers with a high school diploma or less added only 80,000 jobs after losing 5.6 million in the recession.”

“There has been a clear shift in job creation since the second half of the 20th century toward industries that employ a high share of workers with postsecondary attainment,” the report concluded.  Health care services, consulting and business services, financial services, education and government services for example.  These job categories accounted for 28 percent of the workforce in 1947;  they now account for 46 percent of the workforce.

That’s why Horizonte, Salt Lake City School District’s alternative high school and adult education center, emphasizes the attainment of a high school diploma and encourages all graduates to qualify for a Horizonte privately funded applied tech or college scholarship.  Salt Lake Community College and its School of Applied Technology are the destination of almost all Horizonte graduates who seek further education and professional training.



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