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The proportion of adults who are married has dropped steadily over 40 years, but married adults paid 74 percent of income taxes in 2014, when half of American adults were married.  –Pew Research Center

The percentage of American adults who are married is slipping, but married couples still pay the greatest share of income tax.  And the situation isn’t going to soon change.  The numbers show the growing gap.  In 1970, Pew states, 69 percent of adults were married and they paid 80 percent of income taxes (and 38 percent of tax returns filed.)

Today, despite their dwindling share of 50 percent of U.S. population, married adults are paying 74 percent of total income taxes.  Why?  In large part it’s because of the changing demographics and economics of marriage, according to Pew research.  “Marriage is increasing linked with higher levels of education, which are in turn linked to higher incomes.”

Those with college degrees are more likely to marry while those with lower levels of education are less likely.  In 2015, according to Pew, 45 percent of high school grads with no college were married, compared with 62 percent of college grads.

The Pew findings may show that married couples, while fewer in number, pay a larger of portion of income tax primarily because they’re marrying at older ages and the single population has younger people in early stages of their careers with lower earnings.  But, Pew Research concludes, married couples tend to be wealthier.

At Horizonte we don’t care if you’re married or single.  We think education is going to get you ahead.  First your high school diploma, then with continuing effort and qualifying for applied tech professional certificates or community college, you can receive a privately-funded scholarship putting you on the road to paying more taxes–and enjoying the accompanying higher income.


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