Family Ties

Solution To Poverty

The link between strong family ties and longevity is clear, and researchers are learning that the inverse is also true: people with fewer ties to their relatives, new research suggests, fare worse.  –Alexandra Sifferlin, TIME magazine

In TIME    Family ties keep you going, in sickness and in health.  Researchers think this is due to the sense of responsibility that family often inspires.  We have strong expectations around providing for one another and not shirking.

In a 2016 study presented to the American Sociological Association, about 3,000 people ages 57-85 listed up to five of their closest confidants.  Older adults who said they felt “extremely close” to family members on their list had about a 6 percent risk of dying in the next five years compared with about a 14 percent risk of death in the same time period among people who didn’t feel as tight with their family.

Family tie benefits:

  • Being more fit.  Another 2016 study found that people who are happily married are much more likely to report exercising often than those who are unhappily partnered.
  • Better eating.  Plenty of research shows that families that eat together are more likely to eat more healthily.  A recent study showed it can also help kids keep a healthy weight.
  • Less disease in the long run.  The benefits of family closeness start early.  A warm parent-child bond is linked to a lower risk of serious diseases like cancer even decades later.

At Horizonte we feel a family-like responsibility for caring for our graduates and want only the best for them which includes help with more education.  We believe that is the key to improving their lives and the lives of their successors.  Privately funded college scholarships we conclude, are the best way to help.

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