Finances And Flossing Every Day

Solution To Poverty


Treat finances like exercising or flossing and do it every day.

From CNBC:  Like most good habits, the key to financial success boils down to spending more time and attention on our personal finances, according to Annamaria Lusardi, the chair of economics and accountancy at the George Washington University School of Business,

“We don’t floss, we don’t eat well or exercise as much as we should.  Personal finance is the same.  We need to put time aside to do it well,” Lusardi advises.  Her savings tip, which is part of a larger campaign by the Council for Economic Education to promote financial literacy, is to spend time each week going over your expenses and savings.  “If I don’t pay attention, I’m likely to spend more,” she said of her own experience.  “Ignorance is not bliss.  Inaction is not bliss.”

As a freshly minted Ph.D., Lusardi said she made her own missteps when it cam to saving.  “I didn’t take advantage of many opportunities, like maximizing a 401(k),” she said.  The young have a great asset–time.  Time works in our favor because of interest compounding.

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