Aid Refugees

Solution To Poverty


Three million refugees have entered the U.S. since 1975.  So far this year, the most refugees have come from Burma (Myanmar) in Southeast Asia.                                             –Pew Research Center

The United Nations estimates that 65.3 million people were forcibly displaced in 2015.  The number of refugees is the highest since the aftermath of World War II, the U.N. states.  One in every 113 people on the planet is a refugee, asylum seeker or displaced.  A little over half of those displaced came from Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia,  according to the U.N.

The report  also said that half of all refugees are children under 18.  Horizonte, Salt Lake City School District’s alternative high school and adult education center, is educational home for many refugees.  It is a new beginning for them.  A chance to become American.  A high school diploma and a privately funded scholarship opportunity for applied tech and college if they’ll interested and qualify.  They can do it at their own speed.  Many become U.S. citizens in the process.