Alternative Education–Generations Rising


Horizonte is a place of intergenerational impact.

Horizonte and what happens there are much larger than me. The teachers’ and staff caring and teaching lift those who before were unsuccessful.  What a great cause in which to be a part.

As a retiree, Horizonte challenges me and calls on my life’s skills to successfully contribute to the cause.  It takes much more than my time.

Many of the high schoolers and all of the returning adults, refugees and immigrants are eager to advance.  But first they have to catch up.  They need to grow their math and language skills.

I relate to those I serve.  I was behind most of my school life.  I learned to read late and because of that I was slow to learn in most other subjects–especially math.  I got behind fast and didn’t catch up.  In most classes I was average at best.  I still have nightmares about college classes in which I couldn’t keep up.

High schoolers are referred to Horizonte, Salt Lake City School District’s alternative high school and adult education provider, because of gross absenteeism, caused by many personal issues–all relating to falling behind.

I love being part of a successful effort to create new opportunity for advancement for deserving, striving Horizonte graduates.  The opportunities come from scholarships provided by private donors committed to ending intergenerational poverty through education.  I invite prospective donors to provide the scholarships.

For most of the adult graduates these scholarships are the only funding opportunities available to them.  Without the scholarships the likelihood of these individuals emerging from low wage dead end circumstances is meager.

Horizonte matters–intergenerationally.  It’s a privilege to serve.